What exactly is Ravn?

Ravn is a chat platform for mobile phones that ensures secret, private and most importantly invisible communications. Text, call and send photos and other media files completely invisible to prying eyes.

What do you mean invisible?

Ravn is cleverly designed to disappear from your phone. Only you will know how to access Ravn after setting it up. Using some ninja coding magic we have made all chat logs, photos, voice notes and even the icon for Ravn disappear from your phone. Only you know the back door to access our encrypted chat platform.

Who do I chat with on Ravn?

Anyone you want to have private secure invisible communication with should be invited into your Ravn cone of silence. It was designed to be used with your inner circle. Wifes, husbands and lovers so they can finally send you those pictures you been begging them for. The less people you tell about Ravn the more secret it remains.

Can I suggest a privacy theme?

Certainly! We would love to hear your ideas so please email us at info@ravnapp.com

How do I access Ravn if the icon is hidden?

Use the privacy icon you selected in Ravn settings and then enter your PIN code at the password screen. Alternatively, you can use your fingerprint for quick access or set your security timer for faster access.

How protected am I really?

Ravn offers the highest level of protection possible. There are 2 security layers before you even get into the chat. Once you get in the chat your chats are protected by the Omemo protocol, which is currently the highest level of mobile encryption possible.

Why wouldn’t I just use a “app hider” for my regular chat apps?

While you certainly could and it would protect you from certain eyes..until someone starts asking why you don’t have WhatsApp or Messenger or any of those apps on your phone leading to even more questions. With Ravn you can just make the conversations you want invisible while keeping the rest in plain sight. We have found you would need to put together about 5 apps just to do what Ravn does.

Why isn’t Ravn available in my country?

Ravn is available worldwide however we feel morally obligated to keep Ravn out of the hands of terrorist and other evil doers. If it’s not available where you live you should probably look at moving!